A Trusted Supplier for Machined Plastic & Metal Components and Assemblies for Over 33 Years

MetPlas is an ISO 9001-2008 registered manufacturer located just outside of Pittsburgh, PA.  Founded in 1981, Metplas is a build-to-print machine shop with expertise in CNC vertical milling, CNC turning, waterjet cutting, and mechanical assembly of both plastics and metals.

Many of the largest OEMs in industries such as Electrical, Medical Device, and Rail Transit trust us for our consistent service, quality, and delivery.  Our experience with Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs relieves the stress of tracking inventory and placing orders and puts it in our hands.

We provide short lead times for our customers by maintaining an extensive inventory of our commonly-machined materials along with stocking programs for finished products.  Setup reduction and process improvement teams work every day to continuously improve quality, reduce lead times and ultimately deliver exactly what our customers expect. 

Although we have spent millions of dollars over recent years on high-tech equipment and facility expansion, we realize that our success is primarily due to the skills and dedication of our employees and the pride they take in their work.  Consider this, our employees average over 15 years of service with MetPlas resulting in a very low turnover rate and thousands of hours in machining experience at work for you.

We invite you to visit our facility for a first-hand look at what Metplas can offer you.  Call us at (800)827-1900 or email us at info@metplas.com to discuss your precision machining, waterjet cutting, and assembly needs.