MetPlas Has Over 15 Years of Experience in Waterjet Cutting

MetPlas offers waterjet cutting through virtually any material at any thickness, including difficult to machine composites. Our waterjet cutting system uses a combination of water and an abrasive garnet to cut through materials considered too costly to cut by conventional cutting methods. Waterjet cutting eliminates the friction caused by tool-to-part contact and avoids thermal damage which can adversely affect metallurgic properties in materials being cut. The ability to pierce through material eliminates the cost (and time) of drilling starter holes. Because the abrasive water jet cuts with a narrow kerf, parts can be tightly nested, maximizing material usage. The system provides excellent edge quality to the most exacting specifications. 

• 3 FLOW Waterjets
• Multiple Dynamic Cutting Heads
• 12' x 13' Table Size
• cutting of plastics and metals up to 10" thick

Water Jet Cutting: A Case Study

MetPlas was approached by a major transportation OEM in desperate need of parts for a rail vehicle retrofit project.  We were able to take an application that would normally require countless hours of machining being made from custom size bar stock and were able to waterjet cut blanks out of 2.5" thick 7075-T651 aluminum plate with secondary operations performed on our CNC's (see pictures to the right).  Our waterjet software allowed us to nest the parts to obtain the maximum yield possible per sheet which saved the customer a substantial amount of money associated with this very expensive grade of aluminum.  MetPlas also met the customer's critical lot control requirement by engraving serial numbers into each of the several thousand pieces.  We completed the entire contract in less time than it would normally take for an aluminum mill just to produce the barstock for other manufacturers.  We combined our waterjet cutting, machining, engraving, and plating capabilities to provide the customer a complete solution to their problem.

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Waterjet 7075 Aluminum
7075 Aluminum waterjet-cut